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Functionality and convenience

Antimicrobial laminate tube based on sterions

Antimicrobial laminate tube based on sterions

Consumer demand for products without preservatives is ever increasing. This laminate tube based on sterions not only protects its contents against external influences, but also actively contributes to their extended shelf life. There is also no need for sterilisation prior to filling, since the tube based on sterions is already sterile by design. This works due to a physico-chemical mode of action by incorporating sterions into a plastic, which in turn is incorporated into a composite film. These metal-organic molecular complexes are used to ensure a continuous supply of ions, which have an efficient long-term (> five years) antimicrobial effect (against bacteria, viruses and fungi), without contaminating filling material. The packaging helps to market products containing fewer preservatives but still retaining a long shelf life.

The application possibilities are varied, e.g. for pharmaceuticals, food and cosmetics.

Submitter, manufacturer: Linhardt GmbH & Co. KG

FC-38022_Antimikrobielle_Laminat-Tube_auf_Sterionen-Basis_01.jpg184 K

Functionality and convenience