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Functionality and convenience

Smilesys Drop&Taste

Smilesys Drop&Taste

The peelable foil lid of the thermoforming cup with buffalo mozzarella lets you easily peel it off, first presenting the holes through which the liquid can be poured off. When you continue to peel it open, a larger opening appears to take out the mozzarella balls. These openings can also be closed again using the previously peeled-off foil.

This is an increased association of convenience with reduced packaging costs, since no plastic cover is needed. The total volume of the packaging as well as the plastic consumption is reduced and thus the “ecological footprint” of the whole process is improved.

Submitter, designer, developer, manufacturer: Smilesys S.p.a.

FC-38215_Smilesys_Drop_Taste_01.jpg191 K

Functionality and convenience