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Functionality and convenience


Submitted by: DS Smith Packaging Deutschland Stiftung & Co. KG

The aim of this packaging solution for e-commerce is that the primary and secondary packaging form a unit when shipping. The security of packaged goods is guaranteed, as is a saving on parcel volume.

The printed e-commerce package (shown in the picture as brown secondary packaging) is easy to open using a pull thread in the middle. The torn off pull thread has a width of only 5mm. Then you can push both sides aside, revealing a second hidden box and creating a special unboxing experience. This second box (the primary packaging) is 5mm smaller in width, so that, if desired, it can be reused as a return packaging with the outer packaging re-sealed and provided with an adhesive strip. The box allows the brand a double type of communication, because printing can be placed on both the first and the second box. You can also use the packaging as a surprise box, as it is a box-in-box system. The saving on the volume of packaging and the packaging material results in lower costs and a reduction of the ecological footprint.

Submitter: DS Smith Packaging Deutschland Stiftung & Co. KG
Designer: Markus Blankenburg
Developer: Volker Quaas, Mareike Hack
Manufacturer: DS Smith, Werk Fulda

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Functionality and convenience