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Designing and processing

HiLight – smart LEDs®: Luminous Black Panther packaging

Submitted by: Karl Knauer KG
HiLight – smart LEDs®: Luminous Black Panther packaging

The promotional packaging includes almost the full spectrum of today’s possible communication technologies. At the same time, its shape, colour, functionality and the adjustable light combine to form a smart incentive. The foldable packaging refers to style elements from the science-fiction film “Black Panther”. The adjustable blue light is used here as a supporting element, switched on by a button on the front. In contrast to the classical LED technology, the printed circuit board is made of cardboard. The packaging’s elaborate display features can also be set up as an eye-catching centrepiece, and is multi-sensory.

Submitter, manufacturer: Karl Knauer KG
Designer, developer: PepsiCo, Inc. and Karl Knauer KG
User: PepsiCo, Inc.