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Designing and processing

Dr. Hauschka product design

Dr. Hauschka product design

This submission is a very successful approach to reorganising the primary packaging for the Dr. Hauschka decorative cosmetics line, in line with the ideology of the anthroposophic company Wala Heilmittel GmbH. The cosmetics line packaging is aesthetically pleasing, functional and has a very attractive feel. This newly developed language of form has succeeded in creating a sense of independence in the field of decorative cosmetics. The design solution is based on the principle of “equal thickness” and represents a form which is overall uniform from top to bottom in all its dimensions. The geometric centrepoint is at the heart of the model “of the twisted surface” according to Werner Boy’s work and thus corresponds to the anthroposophical understanding of philosophy. The differentiating language of form is challenging technically, since the asymmetry through orientation of upper and lower parts, and by defining the front and reverse sides had to be solved.

The design language really captures the eye, being modern and unusual in this particular market segment.

Submitter: Bakic Design GmbH
Designer: WALA Heilmittel GmbH

GV-36552_Produktdesign_Dr._Hauschka_01.jpg1.2 M

Designing and processing