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Designing and processing

BLUBBERBOOT from LUTTES World Natural Cosmetics

Submitted by: ideapro GmbH
BLUBBERBOOT from LUTTES World Natural Cosmetics

Both the packaging of the BLUBBERBOOT – a boat – as well as the products from Luttes World Natural Cosmetics combine a variety of advantages.

The “blubber drive” is especially exciting for younger consumers, through which the inflowing water in the packaging is released. This entertaining trick is created by carbonic acid being triggered by the reaction of sodium carbonate and vinegar inside the package. The BDIH seal of approval guarantees safe bathing fun: the ingredients of the bathing recipe are vegan, biodegradable and easily wiped off.

The BLUBBERBOOT – which is also lovingly designed graphically – chugs merrily over “Bathtub Lake” colouring the water sky blue.

The BLUBBERBOOT packaging turns bathtime and washing into a real fun-filled experience. At the same time, 3 cents out of each euro of sales go to the “Sterntaler” children’s hospice.

Submitter, manufacturer: ideapro GmbH
Developer: ideapro GmbH (product idea, recipe), Martina Metzger (Packaging Design), Stefanie Badung (storytelling)

GV-38787_BLUBBERBOOT_von_Lüttes_Welt_Naturkosmetik_01.jpg227 K

Designing and processing