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Logistics and material flow


Submitted by: Papierverarbeitung Hanns Julius Lichtenberger GmbH

The wheel box, a transport packaging for aluminium rims, impressed us with its consistent implementation as transport packaging. This is suitable for shipping both as cargo and as a package. The design of the inner packaging has been coordinated with the outer packaging fulfilling the requirements of product protection as well as transport and delivery stress. Adhering to module sizes makes this an economical means of mass storage and transport of goods. This concept is rounded off by simple handling of the corrugated cardboard box from setting up right through to packing, as well as the environmentally friendly design as a single-material solution.

Submitter: Papierverarbeitung Hanns Julius Lichtenberger GmbH
Developer: Erich Ofer
Manufacturer: Lichtenberger Verpackungen
User: PVM-Mannheim

LM-35021_Wheelbox_01.jpg519 K

Logistics and material flow