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Logistics and material flow


Submitted by: Georg Utz GmbH

The ECOBIN container series is an innovative and RFID-controlled delivery system for Böllhoff GmbH Bielefeld. These modular containers are the core elements of ECOSIT® (ECOnomic Supply In Time), a comprehensive service package providing a single packaging system for the logistic supply chain from planning up to the factory. The high functionality of this new container series results in efficiency gains and cost savings combined with strong quality and product deployment.

A particular feature is the vertically movable translucent opening/locking washers including a holder to mount RFID labels or digital displays. A special waffle base with cut-outs for the optional dust cover provides stable and secure group stacking. This allows the different sizes of containers (150x200, 200x300 and 300x400) to be stacked on top of each other in any arrangement and in any order. Stack centring prevents any slipping of the containers. In addition, a tube transponder is included in the base for individual and future requirements.

Submitter, manufacturer: Georg Utz GmbH, Schüttorf
Designer, developer: Heiner Ennen, Georg Utz GmbH, Schüttorf
User: Böllhoff GmbH Bielefeld

LM-35423_ECOBIN_01.jpg7.3 M

Logistics and material flow