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Logistics and material flow



Safebox offers an innovative packaging concept for the mail-order/shipping trade, in particular for the ever-expanding area of eCommerce. The product fixation and padding, achieved with a paper element including sticking tape, avoids the need for additional filling material. This improves the sustainability of the product, because the complete packaging can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way, as well as using less material by saving on filling material – which would otherwise mostly be made of plastics. The carton can also be easily assembled. Easy handling by means of the self-adhesive closure and pull thread as well as increased security with a solid base and overlapping side flaps round off this concept.

Submitter, manufacturer: 3 V GmbH Verpackung
Designer, developer: Achim Riedel
User: Industry and trade

LM-38168_Safebox_01.png2.8 M

Logistics and material flow