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Kneipp Lip Care

Submitted by: Kneipp GmbH
Kneipp Lip Care

In the crowded lip care segment, the Kneipp brand succeeds in creating harmony between the highly tactile and visual requirements within the cosmetics industry, the brand identity and the need to create a sustainable packaging concept.

This has resulted in this primary packaging, consisting of conventional plastic and a cork-PE blend (70%/30%). The cork material is ECCO CERT and COSMOS compliant, is classified as CO2 neutral, provides a renewable source of raw materials and means the recycled wine corks from Portugal take on a new lease of life in the packaging.

The secondary packaging consists of grass box made of 25% grass from compensation areas in Germany; an increase in the grass proportion to 50% is already in development.

The cork material offers the user a special tactile feel. The colour and distinctive smell of the grass boxes are deliberate characteristics to portray the origin of the material and transpose the feeling of a connection to nature to the Kneipp brand.

Submitter: Philipp Keil
Designer, developer, user: Kneipp GmbH
Manufacturer: Corpack GmbH, Carl Edelmann GmbH

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