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The CPPouch consists exclusively of polyolefins and offers an environmentally friendly alternative to the heavy recyclable laminated PET/PE composite pouches currently present on the market. It also dispenses with unnecessary additives such as silicones, plasticisers, glues and lubricants in their manufacture. At the same time, the new CPPouch offers a similar seal strength and case test results to laminated pouches, as well as high abrasion resistance during transport. Brand owners will appreciate the 100% recyclability, the reduced sealing temperature, as well as generally lower energy consumption during production, which all combine to promote sustainability. CPPouches are available in clear, white and various other colours.

Submitter, designer, developer: Profol Kunststoffe GmbH
Manufacturer: Engelhardt Druck GmbH & Widmann Maschinen GmbH & Co. KG
User: Bottling Industry

NH-36446-CPPouch-_01.jpg2.1 M