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Machine engineering, technology, software

KOLBUS cartoning machine BOXline type SW.E_SW.H

Submitted by: KOLBUS GmbH & Co. KG
KOLBUS cartoning machine BOXline type SW.E_SW.H

The KOLBUS cartoning machine offers a complete system for processing paper, cardboard and cartons. This solution is predestined for an award, in particular because of the striking match of innovative machine technology with an attractive packaging as a product. The highest precision of the attractive and sturdy boxes achieved by the automated process is impressive. The fully automatic production process with short changeover times and format adjustments without needing a change of tools means short-term adjustments can also be made. Further benefits are significantly shorter delivery times as well as much smaller minimum order quantities for the luxury consumer goods industry, for example. It also guarantees more sustainable use of cardboard and paper by avoiding waste during manufacture, as well reducing storage requirements with its short delivery times.

Submitter: Bettina Bürger
Developer: KOLBUS construction team, leader Klaus Gerke
Manufacturer: KOLBUS GmbH & Co. KG
User: Producers of packaging

VM-35149_KOLBUS_Schachtelmaschine_BOXline_Typ_SW.E_SW.H_01.jpg692 K

Machine engineering, technology, software