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Presentation of goods

Magnetic Levitation Platform

Submitted by: Richard Bretschneider GmbH
Magnetic Levitation Platform

The carton submitted demonstrates before your very eyes how frequently used packaging can still be surprising.

You open the cover as usual. Pulling out the inner slider (seen in the picture on the right) opens the centrally located box lid. If the inner slider is pulled out completely and the cover flap completely removed, the contents rise up using magnetism – like a miniature lifting platform – to end up being centrally and exclusively placed at the centre of the carton.

The content can now be easily taken off. In addition, the lifting effect can be reversed by manually moving the inner slider.

This design encourages the use of creative presentation and promotional packaging.

Submitter, manufacturer: Richard Bretschneider GmbH
Designer, developer: Maik Bermeitinger

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Presentation of goods