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Presentation of goods

Evian Aqua Drink Display

Submitted by: Model AG
Evian Aqua Drink Display

The display reflects the purity of Evian water and stands out with its simplicity and clarity. The individual trays are stacked on top of each other thus offering good stability.

These can be individually aligned at the POS by plugging in the trays on a simple cardboard tube.

The sleek design and product-related colours round off this display. It has been refined with digital printing, 100% food grade as well as water-based printing inks. In addition, the display is 100% recyclable.

Submitter: Model AG, Weinfelden, Switzerland
Designer: Eliott Ilano, Vingtneuf Degres sarl
Developer: Carlo Munari, Model AG
Manufacturer: Model AG
User: Evian-Volvic Suisse SA

WP-39075_Evian_Display_Aqua_Drink_01.jpg1.8 M

Presentation of goods