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Designing and processing

Eberl print premium soap packaging

Submitted by: Eberl Print GmbH
Eberl print premium soap packaging

One requirement for a packaging material is that it needs to do so much more than just protect the packaged goods. The aim here was to create a customer giveaway that serves as a marketing tool and showcases the manufacturer’s expertise to an agency or end customer.

The touch and feel and cardboard hinge of the three elements of the packaging form a unit, yet are visually clearly differentiated from each other. The recipient of the giveaway can leaf through it to discover two individually made pieces of soap and a folded booklet with the story behind it. The packaging material is held together in its cube form using magnets and a personalised sleeve, which gives it a secondary use as an attractive decorative object.

The jurors found the feel, design and overall concept very attractive as it aroused the curiosity to explore and discover the product.


Designing and processing