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Designing and processing

Gift package

Submitted by: Heuchemer Verpackung GmbH & Co. KG
Gift package

This folding box with a small print run serves as a multipack for three honey jars. Different technologies and design methods were used to promote to consumers the sustainable and natural value of honey. The packaging material used is corrugated board, which contains up to 40% fast-growing grass fibres. The unique structure and appearance of the material was intelligently taken into account in the design of the layout, which was applied to the folding box using water-based inks and digital printing.

In addition, innovative laser punching technology was used to create very delicate and filigree punching patterns on the corrugated cardboard box, which would not have been possible in this form using classic punching technology.

GV-48051-Präsentverpackung_01.jpg1.0 M

Designing and processing