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Functionality and convenience

Prinzen Rolle – New with resealable closure

Submitted by: Griesson - de Beukelaer GmbH & Co. KG
Prinzen Rolle – New with resealable closure

This is a problem familiar to almost everyone which is crying out for a solution. How to open a packet of biscuits!

The wait is now over with Prinzen Rolle’s redesign. Using the principle: “Simple to open, simple to take one, simple to close”, an adhesive label applied to the side has made a resealable packaging without losing the familiar shape of the old packaging. The re-closure also protects the biscuits better than before, so that they stay fresh and crunchy even longer.

In summary: an all-round successful redesign with added value for the consumer.

FC-43432-Prinzen_Rolle_-_Neu_mit_Wiederverschluss_01.jpg2.3 M

Functionality and convenience