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100% recyclable bag with removable sleeve

Submitted by: Werner & Mertz GmbH
100% recyclable bag with removable sleeve

The great challenges of our time are packaging developments that are perfectly adapted to the recycling economy. The aim here is to ensure that once materials used in discarded packaging have been recycled, they become a raw material of almost the same quality as pure, unused raw material. This award-winning packaging succeeds in meeting this challenge in an outstanding way through strictly implemented “reverse engineering”, which entails designing the construction with the end result in mind.

This new packaging for liquid detergents replaces a conventional non-recyclable stand-up pouch with an innovation made of 100% recyclable monomaterial and at the same time solving the problem of recycling printed plastics. With this type of packaging, the printing is not on the main material, but on a thin, separable sleeve of the same material, which can be sorted into separate quality grades after shredding. This means that approximately 85% of the LD-PE material, including the spout and lid, is unprinted and can be recycled to a high quality without contamination from ink. The rest is not lost either, and being monomaterial it is fully recylable as a raw material.

This bag impressively demonstrates what can already be achieved today with a consistent recycling approach to design.