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B+K Twister Plus® pin stacking bag with 30% regranulate

Submitted by: Bischof + Klein SE & Co. KG
B+K Twister Plus® pin stacking bag with 30% regranulate

Pin stacking bags are typically used for products such as kitchen rolls, toilet paper, wet wipes or baby’s nappies. Bischof + Klein alone sells more than 300 million units each year. Not only are there material savings through the reduction in thickness, but the use of regranulates is also an important factor in making these standard packages sustainable and in conserving resources. In the first step, the thickness was reduced to 25 µm. The use of polyethylene plastic has been reduced by 35% compared to comparable commercial packaging.

In the second step, new plastic was partially substituted by post-consumer recyclate (PCR). The PE recyclate is embedded in a co-extruded film within the inner layer. This results in a recyclate content of 30% PCR in the overall design, meaning there are no restrictions on the appearance and functionality of the packaging. Slight variations from the usual appearance are welcomed and can be used to communicate the sustainability aspects.

As this is a pure PE construction, it can be integrated into existing sorting and recycling systems. After removing the printing ink, there is almost 100% recyclability. A very good example of sustainability in action!