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ALB-GOLD paper pasta packaging

Submitted by: Alb-Gold Teigwaren GmbH
ALB-GOLD paper pasta packaging

Alb Gold’s paper packaging won us over with its skilful use and selection of sustainable materials. This is the first FSC-certified paper bag that produces 65% less CO2 than conventional film bags. The barrier meets the product’s needs. Sealing wax is applied to ensure an effective seal. In this special case, this consists of resins and waxes. The bag is very easy to open and does not tear in unwanted places, as can be the case with commercially available packaging.

The minimal use of sealing wax only where necessary and the monomaterial paper go hand in hand. The new feel is a pleasant experience for the buyer. The jury was impressed by the excellent recyclability of the untreated paper, the conservation of resources and the well-thought-out application of the sealant. Congratulations.

NH-47425-ALB-GOLD_Pasta-Papierverpackung_01.jpg0.9 M

Sustainability, Winners Gold Award