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Submitted by: Bachmann Forming AG

Vacuum-moulded packaging elements are commonplace today on retail shelves. This development aimed to achieve continued high functionality of the packaging with lower use of resources. The goal is achieved here by reducing the film to a 3D mesh structure, making savings of up to 50% in material.

The 3D form stability is impressive even with less use of material. The permeable surface, for example with fresh products, is a helpful functionality and means that there is no waterlogging in the packaging and the consumer can use the trays as a drip tray. In addition, the net structure of the packaging offers excellent cushioning properties that make it suitable for applications beyond the food sector. The jury was impressed by features such as 50% savings in materials, the monomaterial and recyclability with a new material shape and forming technology and its wide range of applications across a wide variety of product and industry sectors.

NH-48046-NETPAC_01.jpg369 K