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New material

Systalen® post-consumer recycling plastic HDPE for Frosch Senses shower gel bottles

Submitted by: Der Grüne Punkt – Duales System Deutschland GmbH
Systalen® post-consumer recycling plastic

The Systalen® shower gel bottle is the first application with 100% HDPE post-consumer recyclate (PCR) coming from the yellow plastics recycling bin to appear in a cosmetic package.

Manufacturers of cosmetic products must ensure they only place safe products on the market. A recycled raw material and a preparation process have been developed to meet this challenge; the new packaging has proved beyond doubt in a human toxicological report that it meets health standards for use in cosmetic products (rinse off). The expert opinion made it clear that the team of Werner & Mertz and Der Grüne Punkt (The Green Dot – German dual system of waste collection) had already continuously addressed the problem areas related to the reuse of old plastics during the development process.

In order to switch to 100% recyclate from the yellow plastics recycling bin, the material had to be technically suitable, odourless and harmless to health, with the odour factor for shower gels playing a particularly important role for consumers. A technology which removes these odours from the polyolefins by means of a thermal-physical process is used to achieve this. The use of PCR Systalen® in cosmetic packaging has made it possible to make the leap into another major packaging application because toxicological and technical standards have been satisfied.