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Machine engineering, technology, software

MCP 30 Combi packaging machine

Submitted by: Wilhelm Fischer Spezialmaschinenfabrik GmbH
MCP 30 Combi packaging machine

The presented machine is used for multi-packaging tasks, preferably for bottles and cans, in small enterprises such as micro breweries. These companies often suffer a particular competitive disadvantage due to a lack of automation solutions because of their small lot sizes and limited investment power. Lot sizes are also decreasing in larger companies, though, with an ever-increasing range of variants. This machine is capable of producing various types of carton packs such as wrap-around and tray bottle carriers or folding cartons in very small batch sizes, and if necessary with little or no changeover or adjustment time required. It is only when changing between different product sizes or units that a template part needs be exchanged, which can be done in a very short time in just a few simple steps. The first machines are already functioning robustly and reliably on the market.

VM-43447-.jpg230 K

Machine engineering, technology, software