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Machine engineering, technology, software

Traysealer TX 710

Submitted by: Multivac Sepp Haggenmüller SE & Co. KG
Traysealer TX 710

This submission is a machine with a wide range of applications for packaging within the food industry in thermoformed plastic trays with sealing lids. The capping machine is overall compact, modular, hygienic and robust. It has the following user-friendly and efficiency-enhancing features:

  • Linking material, process and system parameters to intelligent, optimised control of process sequences by exploiting the potential for overlap between sub-processes
  • Networking interface to call up packaging material and process parameters (cloud based) and other smart services
  • Efficient tool changing systems

This results in short changeover times and reduced running-in and fault risks.

VM-48047-Traysealer_TX_710_01.jpg1.0 M

Machine engineering, technology, software