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Young talent (students, trainees, students)

Second Chance

Submitted by: Felicia Kopitzke, Sophia Huber, Daniela Betz
Second Chance

The principle of ‘design to second use’ was implemented in this prototype glass jar packaging in an exceptionally aesthetic and smart way. Subsequent use of shapely glass packaging containers is usually ruled out by the often unattractive screwtop closure elements of the lids. The students Daniela Betz, Sophia Huber and Felicia Kopitzke solved this problem and developed a great solution concept: there is no conventional standard screwtop. Machine-based gripping of the glass (which is compatible with standard lids) is enabled by cut-in ellipses (in the second row on the glass).

The jury was won over by how smartly and visually gracefully the closure elements of the jar have been integrated into the 3D design concept – this was truly extraordinary.

NW-46251-Second_Chance_01.jpg1.9 M

Young talent (students, trainees, students), Winners Gold Award