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Young talent (students, trainees, students)

Sukina – Origami – Tea

Submitted by: Susanne Kretschmar
Sukina – Origami – Tea

Tea bags are a functional and practical part of everyday life. They are simple to use and have very little in common with classic tea preparation. The redesign of this bag packaging aimed to establish more of an association with the classic Japanese tea culture. Linking tradition with modernity was at the forefront here.

The “Sukina” concept therefore combines Origami, the traditional Japanese art of paper folding, with the practical and modern use of the tea bag. Visually appealing, pyramid-like tea bags were aesthetically packaged in transparent, opaque paper. Both the use of paper and the filigree folding technique perfectly reflect Japanese culture, so that the guiding principle of the “Japanese tea ceremony” can be experienced. The practicality of the tea bag receives a fresh glamour and breathes new life into the whole experience of “taking tea” by unfolding the artfully folded paper as well as relishing the pleasant look and feel.

NW-46411-Sukina_-_Origami_-_Tee_01.jpg2.8 M

Young talent (students, trainees, students)