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Who can participate?

Participation is open to all participants in the supply chain "packaging". This includes among other things:

  • Packaging developers and designers
  • Manufacturers of packaging (packaging materials as well as packaging means and packaging aids)
  • Users of packaging (foodstuffs, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, technical articles, etc.)
  • Brands and retail
  • Advertising, marketing and consulting companies
  • Storage, logistics and transportation companies
  • Companies in the machinery, automation and process branch (as an overall concept or highlighted detailed designs)

This "German Open" packaging award is open to participants from home and abroad.

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What do I do?

Step 1:
Collect all the required information on your submission.

Step 2:
Fill out and submit the online application form and any additional material (descriptions, images, sketches, photographs, patents).

Step 3:
Receive registration confirmation and reference code. Pay the registration fee on time. Entry into the Innovation Exchange possible.

Step 4:
Submit competition submission on time, labelled with reference code.

Step 5:
The independent jury will decide the German Packaging Award winners, awarding a limited number of Gold Awards from among the winners. The jury's decision will be made public.

Step 6:
Formal notification and presentation of the winners and Gold Award winners at a public ceremony with experts and special guests from the industry.

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What do I need to send in?

The nature of submission depends on the particular packaging solution. In any case please send the completed online form.

Send if possible two full and two empty packaging solution submissions. In the case of small-scale objects, however, you can send us several, so that each juror has their own copy for testing. If it is a large, bulky or heavy packaging solution, naturally one is enough, also scaled-down in size.

It is important that your submission represents the overall look and function distinctly. All submitted packaging solutions undergo a practical test during the evaluation. For this, for example, a display need not be completely filled with actual goods, so we certainly welcome dummies.

Please contact us in each case. We want to make your participation as easy as possible.

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How many packaging awards are there and in which categories?

The German Packaging Award is awarded in competition categories and using transparent criteria. The jury normally selects more than one winner in each category. There is no ranking order of winners at this point.

The jury has the opportunity to give special mention to a limited number of packaging winners being awarded the special Gold Award.

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Who judges the submitted packaging solutions?

The jury is made up of independent and non-partisan experts from professional organizations, businesses, research and teaching. We are happy to inform you in detail about the jury and the jurors.

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Until when should competition entry be sent?

All necessary documents and exhibits must be sent by the end of the submission period. Since the data can change from year to year, please refer to the deadlines under dates.

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Where do I send the contest entry?

Please send your written documentation directly to the dvi (by post or online), competition prototypes clearly labelled with "German Packaging Award" and your reference code (sent on confirmation of registration by the dvi) to the Schenker AG in Nuremberg. Here you can find all the necessary addresses.

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Does it cost anything to participate?

The fees range between 0 and 400 euro. Detailed information is available under costs.

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What can participating do for me?

Winning of the most traditional and famous German Packaging Award will catch the attention of the trade press and public. In addition, the German Packaging Award is a genuine seal of approval to consumers, customers, suppliers, competitors, and not least for your own personnel and potential new employees. You can also advertise license-free with this seal of approval for your company and / or product.

The German Packaging Award is a show of performance as well as a stage. It presents the innovative spirit of your business and the ability to create value in a dignified setting. With the award, you can promote yourself and your work. Get the deserved applause, recognition and the attention of the public and industry insiders.

All winners are honoured at a public gala and receive a trophy and a certificate as well as a winner's photo.

Interesting is that winners of the German Packaging Award are nominated for the global "Packaging Oscar", the WorldStar.

A complete overview of the benefits and advantages

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Who do I ask if I have any questions?

You can reach your contact person Maria Lindenhain via phone or e-mail.

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Who actually makes the Trophies?


Signum is a specialist for excellent trophies and awards and offers individual awards for special award ceremonies from the design to the manufacture.


Concept and design: Prof. Birgit Weller | use-id Berlin

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