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What you need to know about taking part

Companies, institutions and individuals from home and abroad are entitled to take part. It does not matter whether packaging solutions are submitted by designers, developers, manufacturers or users.

All outstanding and innovative packaging solutions are entitled to take part, regardless of material, industry, area or type of product.

The products or submitted should already be on the market or available as a prototype. Also concepts are entitled to take part with the exception of the "Young Talent" category.

The contributor selects the category that is appropriate for their product. The jury can change the category if an obvious error has been made or if a change is to the advantage of the submitter. Information on the categories and criteria can be found here.

The most common questions and answers can be found in the FAQ.

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The participation in the Young Talent Award is free of charge. Participants are responsible for postage costs only.

Regular participants pay 500 € for the first submission and 400 € for every further submission.

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See GTC section

For the German Packaging Award, the following regulations apply:

If the application is withdrawn after the 30th day before the jury session, the dvi is entitled to retain an administration fee of 50% of the registration fee.

In case of cancellation after the deadline, the dvi will charge 100% of the registration fee, unless the participant is able to provide evidence of a conflicting amount of damages or expenses in their case.

Transfer of the fee to another packaging submission for the current German Packaging Award in the same year is possible free of charge at any time.

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Confirmation of registration and addresses

Upon receipt of your registration you will receive a code number by e-mail and in another e-mail confirmation of registration and a proper invoice with VAT.

  • Please send your packaging prototype and exhibits by 24.07.2020 exclusively to:
    IGEPA Group
    Deutscher Verpackungspreis 2020
    Code number: _____________**
    Senefelder Ring
    DEU-21465 Reinbek
  • For further questions please contact the dvi office in Berlin:
    Deutsches Verpackungsinstitut e.V.
    Kunzendorfstraße 19
    D-14165 Berlin

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Number of prototype sample/models

We request that you send at least 3 competition prototype sample/models. In cases of large transport packaging or displays, one prototype sample/model is usually sufficient. Please send only mock-ups of perishable or very valuable goods. In case of very heavy packaging, a scaled-sized model is sufficient. For any other queries please contact the dvi.

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Patent and licensing rights

Participants must own the corresponding rights to their submissions and should not be infringing upon any patent or licensing rights. Any infringement will lead to disqualification or withdrawal of nomination.

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Rejection of prototype sample/models

The dvi reserves the right to refuse the submitted prototype sample/model if this does not comply to the competition requirements. If the dvi refuses a submitted packaging for the competition, the submitting party will receive the fee refunded in full.

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The return of the exhibits is on request only and ensues at the cost of the submitting party.

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User rights and acknowledgments

Winners are in agreement that their competition entry may be used by the competition host for exhibition or publication purposes.

On registering, the participants agree to the participation requirements and the decision of the jury. The jury’s decision is final.

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Announcement of the winners

All winners will be announced by the German Packaging Institute (dvi) through press releases and the websites of the German Packaging Award and the German Packaging Institute. In addition, the dvi honours all the winners during a public ceremony at the FachPack in Nuremberg. The representatives of the winning innovations receive a trophy, certificate, seal and a winner's photo.

The jury has the opportunity to give special mention to a limited number of packaging winners being awarded the special Gold Award.

This Gold Award commends achievements which in the jury's eyes stand out even among the best - for example those that set trends, provide particularly successful solutions to current pressing issues, offer completely new opportunities or offer an otherwise outstanding and exemplary packaging solution.

The winners of the Gold Awards are selected from among the packaging award winners and will be announced at the ceremony, where they will be awarded with a trophy, a certificate and gold seal before the assembled audience. The dvi presents the winners with their Gold Award during a stage-talk with representatives of the winning companies and special guests from the industry.

All winners and Gold Award winners will be announced and commended afterwards by the dvi through press releases and on the German Packaging Award website.

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Dates for the German Packaging Award 2020

See here for all German Packaging Award dates.

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Sigmar Gabriel

Initiator and organizer of the German Packaging Award is the German Packaging Institute (dvi) based in Berlin.

As a network of the packaging industry, the dvi supports the transfer know-how and promotes dialogue between companies, institutions and partners. Its members come from all levels of the supply chain. The dvi is a platform for innovation, information, insights, ideas and exchange within the packaging arena.

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The German Packaging Award will be held under the auspices of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.

Read the welcome speech of the Federal Minister of Economics.

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Trophy, certificat and logo (Signet)

Each winner will receive the German Packaging Award trophy, winner's certificate and a winning photo with the representatives of the winning company as well as the seal (winner's logo) at the public award ceremony.

The winners of Gold Awards receive their trophy and certificate with a gold seal.

All winners have the right to use the seal in their advertising, free of licence fees.

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Documents and submissions

1 Registration Form

The completed entry form must reach the dvi before the deadline. You can fill out the form and submit it online.

2 A sufficient number of original packaging solutions both full and empty*

We ask you to send us at least 3 competition submissions. In the case of bulky transport packaging or displays one submission is usually sufficient. Please send valuable or perishable goods only as dummies. For heavy and bulky packaging solutions, a scale model will suffice. Please clarify individual requests with the dvi.

3 Other documents as required

When helpful for explaining the construction or operation: for example, cutting, cross cutting, drawing, photographs, functional diagrams, test certificates and patent documents.

* Important notes for patterns and original filled packages

  • The dvi sends a confirmation reference code for each contest entry. This code should be attached to the submissions as clearly as possible, but without compromising their overall impression.

  • For the categories transport and display packaging as well as large packaging, one filled and one empty packaging solution is enough. If necessary a dummy is enough if the function and view of the packaging solution is clear.

  • To ensure a neutral rating, there should be no indication of or information on the sender, designers, manufacturers or users.

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Liability of the organizer

The dvi shall not be liable for any loss or damages of sent or accompanying objects, prototypes or exhibits during the German Packaging Award.

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For any questions please get in touch with the dvi:

Deutsches Verpackungsinstitut e.V.
Tel. +49 (0)30 8049858-0

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