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Bild: Burkhard Lingenberg

Dear Readers,

the German Packaging Award is the top European award for the best solutions within the packaging industry. It puts your services in the spotlight and also provides the perfect showcase for innovative companies.

A nomination for – or achieving – the German Packaging Award has a far-reaching and sustained effect, not only on customers and competitors, employees and professionals, but also the general public.

Over 5,000 companies are working in the packaging industry in Germany alone. With their productivity and ability to hold their ground in today’s dynamic markets, they secure around 2% of the German GNP. This is only possible due to constant innovation and creative research in finding the best solutions for consumers, markets and the environment

Designed as a performance showcase, the German Packaging Award has been generating a fair and exciting competition of ideas and solutions since 1963. Over the years, the competition has developed into the most prestigious European award in the packaging arena.

This is of course due to the quality of the packaging solutions entered, while the excellent work of our judges is also a very important factor. In 2015, the jury is once again made up of experts from trade associations, leading research institutes and universities as well as members from the industry, trade and professional press.

In addition, as the host of the competition the German Packaging Institute is also working constantly on improvements. We have for instance improved the evaluation process in 2015 by introducing even more precise target criteria, so as to better reflect each entry in each of the six categories.

You now have time until the end of June to submit your products, ideas and solutions for the German Packaging Award. Take advantage of this opportunity and secure your place at the top!

To get everything you need in just a few clicks, take a look here.

I'm looking forward to your entries and would be happy to welcome you at the festive ceremony at the end of September in Nuremberg.

Yours sincerely

Burkhard Lingenberg
dvi Board Member and Chairman of the Advisory
Board of the German Packaging Award

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German Packaging Award 2015.  Ready, steady, go!

Get ready for this prestigious European competition all about packaging!

Under the auspices of the Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy we are looking for the best and most innovative packaging solutions by 30th June, 2015.

The German Packaging Award is international, spans the entire industry and range of material and is awarded in five categories. Judging is carried out by an independent panel of experts according to criteria that will do your innovation justice.

Make your dreams come true.

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How you benefit

Real PR and recognition for your company, your brand, your products and services. Win a trophy, certificate and seal to recognise your innovation and best practice solutions.
More about how you benefit

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