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Dear Readers,

In 2013 the German Packaging Award is celebrating its 50th anniversary. The most prestigious award in packaging is as vital as ever and is looking to the future with energy and confidence.

"The German Packaging Award stands for outstanding achievement and innovation within the packaging arena and each year puts the potential and creativity of the industry to the test once again."

As stated by the patron of the awards, Dr. Philip Rösler, Federal Minister in a letter to us. And so with thanks and great respect we wish to pass these sentiments on the many outstanding players in our shared success story.

As a company, organization or individuals from home and abroad, we invite you to participate in this year’s German Packaging Award.

For an overview and tips on registration, please visit our Taking part section.

Get your place in the Hall of Fame among German Packaging Award winners.

Yours sincerely

Burkhard Lingenberg

Board of the German Packaging Institute and
Chairman Advisory Board of the German Packaging Award

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In May you may! Take part now and make|the most of the outstanding benefits!

Across all industries, technologies and materials: you can submit your innovations and developments for the German Packaging Award until 1st June, 2013. Make the leap!

Get active right now: in just three minutes you can test and see if your development, your concept or product could take part in this exciting Jubilee year

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What is next

We are working on a little website that will take you back in time on a journey through past packaging prize winners including exclusive prize draw.


To be continued soon…

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Globally successful

By winning a German Packaging Award you secure the exclusive right to a nomination for the WorldStar.

Recently, nine German Packaging Award winners have won this global award hosted by the World Packaging Organisation (WPO). Congratulations!

Gallery of WorldStar winners

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