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Dear Readers,

ever since the early days, it has been the main goal of the German Packaging Award to encourage innovation and reward innovative actors for their performance. With this new look and a quick look back, we are starting this year in the future.

On our new website you will be taken on a journey through selected winners on the special occasion of our golden anniversary. Here, we depict packaging as a part of our cultural history, reflecting habits, trends and needs. I invite you to come with us on this journey through the innovations, choose your favourites and also make a comment. Many of the achievements are likely to form part of your own biography.

This newsletter also focuses upon the processes and structures of the jury work. We take a look at the fair play ensuring the independence and impartiality of the competition and forming the basis for the work of our esteemed and highly qualified judges. By the way, in a survey among participants last year, we were given top marks in this respect.

Our online portal is now open until the end of June. The month of May, with its many holidays has caused many companies to ask at an early stage for a considerable extension to the submission deadline. In order to ensure a comprehensive representation of packaging innovations we have complied with this. All those participants who have faced the stress and still managed to make their submission in May, we thank you in particular for your commitment and ask for your understanding.

So, send us your packaging solution in the race for the most prestigious award in the packaging industry and secure your place in the Hall of Fame.

I look forward to your participation!

Yours sincerely,

Burkhard Lingenberg

Board of the German Packaging Institute and
Advisory Board of the German Packaging Award

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Travel through time and win

All aboard! Our journey into the past is a selection of packaging winners covering 50 years. Evaluate and comment on them while gaining an insight into the history of packaging and winning one of 11 prizes.

Here we go!

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How the prize is awarded

Who decides which of the packaging solutions submitted is awarded? How is the decision-making process run? And which structures ensure total impartiality? In this newsletter we reveal all!


Specialist and main jury

In the German Packaging Award, a packaging solution has to appear before two juries. Thus we avoid unilateral or excessive influence of individual judges.

First, a panel of jury members checks all submissions on their respective subjects using a fixed evaluation form. All expert jurors also give a brief written opinion, and evaluate the submission with "award-worthy" or "not award-worthy."

Based on these reviews, the nominees are chosen for the German Packaging Award in an open discussion with the main jury. Each nominee is then evaluated by each member of the main jury according to consistent, transparent criteria using a points system. The winners are then determined mathematically, i.e. according to the sum of all the points. The winners remain secret until the day of the awards ceremony.


The strict guarantee of neutrality is paramount. Therefore, judges do not evaluate submitted packaging solutions from their own company. Should the jury chairman selected by the jury be in any way affected by this during the relevant review and discussion, he relinquishes chairmanship to his deputy.


All entries are sorted by category and automatically assigned a code number for the jury, randomly and without ranking. Jurors are presented for their assessment with all the submitted packaging samples as well as the application documents and any complementary descriptions available.

Therefore, it is crucial in the application for participants to present their submission as concisely and clearly as possible. The better the description, the better the understanding of the jury, and the greater the chance of winning an award.


With over 200 entries, there are not only winners. Disappointments are – as with any sports event – inevitable. Of course every participant is deeply convinced of their product, well-justified too. The pressure is enormous, the time just before the deadline far too short. Emotional reactions and the occasional lack of understanding about decisions can never be completely avoided in this context.

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