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Just a little effort – and lots of rewards

Bild: Burkhard Lingenberg

Dear Readers,

99% of the work is already done - with flying colours. Now it’s just a few short steps to the German Packaging Award. If you can say in a few words, what is special about your product, you have more or less made it already! Do not let the opportunity escape you - submit your innovation up until the end of July 2014!

What matters at the German Packaging Award is discussed with our jury member Dr. Jochen Hertlein, Head of Corporate Packaging for Nestlé Germany AG, in an interview with the packaging newspaper Verpackungs-Rundschau.

There you will read for example, that we generally like to see further developments in existing systems, even those who have already competed for the Packaging Award. The condition is that the special features or developments need to be recognizable and identified.

The criteria of the German Packaging Award are also available to read on our website.

Get yourself a trophy, seal and certificate in recognition of outstanding quality and innovation towards customers, consumers, suppliers and employees worldwide.

It’s just a few steps to the German Packaging Award.

I am looking forward very much to your submission!

Yours sincerely,

Burkhard Lingenberg
German Packaging Institute (dvi) board member
Chairman of the Advisory Board of the German Packaging Award


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DVP 2014. Enter now! Only 2 more weeks

Bild: Burkhard Lingenberg

Up until the end of July, you can still submit your innovative ideas and solutions for the German Packaging Award 2014. You are only three simple steps away from your chance at probably the most renowned packaging price in Europe.

The world should see what you can do! Be visible.


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3 steps to the Packaging Award

1. Gather your information together.

2. Fill in the online form.

3. Send samples (except machinery).

These are the steps that you need to take in order to get the chance of winning the German Packaging Award.

Sign up now

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Interview: What matters.

Dr. Jochen Hertlein, working for Nestlé since 1998 at home and abroad, is a jury member in the German Packaging Award.

In an interview with the packaging newspaper Verpackungs-Rundschau, he says what is important to the German Packaging Award what the jury is looking for in participants.

<media 3576 _blank download>Interview Dr. Hertlein</media>

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