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Congratulations to the worthy winners!

Bild: Burkhard Lingenberg

The innovations of 2014 were impressive in their clever detailed solutions, innovative use of material and completely novel systems, designs and construction methods.

We have seen exciting and impressive progress in areas such as sustainability, customer experience, product protection and ergonomics and exciting functionality gains. Special mention also for coherent and well thought out overall concepts as well as for the striking, refined luxury of more artistic designs.

At the celebration gala we were able, together with over 200 guests from the industry to admire all the nominees and of course especially the excellent winners. For the first time the jury also awarded two special prizes, one for the overall concept and one for sustainability.

Among the winners were sales, transportation and logistics packaging as well as packaging machines and displays and labels. The winners in the category sales packaging were from the areas pharmaceuticals and medical, cosmetics and hygiene, detergents, polishes and cleaners, drinks, foodstuffs and pet food, and technical equipment and clothing.

The players in the industry have once again shown what they are really capable of. The creativity and innovation of our companies is truly impressive.

In our online gallery, we present you with all 29 winners and 61 nominees complete with images and the evaluation of the jury. Do you agree? Or disagree? Pick your favourites and share them on social networks.

In 2014, the total of 230 submissions were companies from 10 different countries. They formed a very strong field of participants, demanding from the jury a great deal respect and need for discernment. So our material experts from the professional associations and independent experts from industry, commerce, research, education and media have themselves also delivered a masterful performance. Many thanks indeed go to them!

Many thanks also to all participants for their highly valued work! I hope you’ll send your next big innovation into our competitive show of packaging performance, perhaps making your way right to the top and onto the podium of the German Packaging Award.

My very heartfelt congratulations go at this point, of course, to the nominees and – with long-lasting applause – to the winners of 2014. Celebrate yourselves and carry on making packaging better and better!

Yours sincerely
Burkhard Lingenberg
German Packaging Institute (dvi) board member and
Chairman of the Advisory Board of the German Packaging Award)

Impressions of the award ceremony

All 29 award winners for 2014

All 61 nominees for 2014

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Gala celebrates the winners of the Award in 2014

Bild: Burkhard Lingenberg

The best innovations in packaging have been announced. In a festive gala on 11th November 2014, 29 worthy winners accepted their trophy to resounding applause. Around 200 experts and company representatives offered an interesting stage talk during the event as well as plenty of time for discussions and networking.

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The winner in 2014

he best of the best at a glance. In our gallery we reveal all 29 winners and all nominees for 2014 with images and the views of the jury.

Winners 2014

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29 innovations in six categories

Special award sustainability

Frog recyclate initiative; Werner & Mertz GmbH
This is a consistent implementation of a sustainability strategy for recycled PET with the aim of avoiding Virgin PET by 100% and instead taking advantage of recycled PET from the B2B sector and the yellow bag. The concept is based on innovation, the Cradle2Cradle concept, up-cycling as well as new processes and formulations. Also, cooperation and the idea of the open innovation "open to all" was incorporated into the development.

Special award overall concept

Milk bag; Hemme Milch GmbH & Co. Vertriebs KG
This is a flexible packaging including 20% chalk content with minimal plastics usage. The volume of waste is reduced up to two thirds. Handling compared to previous milk pouches has been significantly improved by the air-filled handle which also stabilizes the bag and renders pouring more user-friendly. The jury was impressed by the consistent implementation of the overall concept with its self-promotion aspect, the choice of the packaging material and the clear, very effective and successful use of packaging as a marketing tool.

Category packaging machinery (engineering and technology)

New VFFS machine (BVC) with Premium Seal technology; Rovema GmbH
Equipped with the new Premium Seal system, for the first time multilayer seal seam packing material can be, if needed, pre-heated and then compressed for optimum tightness. This consistent fusion of various innovations and outstanding case solutions in a highly efficient overall concept unfolds potential benefits to the customer.

Two-in-one biscuit packaging system; Bosch Packaging Systems AG
This industry-exclusive biscuit packaging solution allows rapid transfer of slugs, that is vertical standing biscuits, onto stacked packaging and vice versa with the same feed.

Category transportation and logistics

Securitypackfix - shipping container; Three V GmbH
A shipping container with an automatically self-adhesive base and a lid with self adhesive security closure and tear strip. Base and lid are fully overlapping and prevent entry to the packaging, thus serving as theft protection during shipping.

DHL package Multibox; DHL Vertriebs GmbH
The first reusable insulated container approved for use in the shipping package network up to 31.5 kg and approved for the sorting equipment. The functional and innovative aspects of the transport packing DHL package Multibox were, in particular, highlighted by jury members.

KeyKeg 30 Slimline; Lightweight Containers
The KeyKeg is a new barrel system, which replaces the old steel kegs. The KeyKeg 30 Slimline is the first example of the third generation of non-returnable drums. It was recognized as an outstanding alternative lightweight system to heavy barrels and a good disposable solution in all categories.

Category displays and promotional packaging

Funny Frisch chips boiler display
The unusual cooking pot form and optics of the display is perfectly communicated and perceived immediately at the POS. The individual impression of the overall approach with a clear product presentation and clear branding won the jury over.

Display "crazy"; Model AG
Although the display shelves appear to float above the tennis court of Wimbledon, they have a load capacity of 10 kg. Despite its stability, the purist design of this display with all its components reflects the essential Evian simplicity.

In Eucerin shower floor display 2014; DS Smith Packaging Germany
The eye-catching display with integrated storyline uses a combination of materials from corrugated cardboard and plastic for this comprehensive design with attention to detail. Both materials are printable with offset and screen printing.

BoomBox; Pirlo GmbH & Co. KG
The BoomBox serves as a packaging for bottles or cans and can be used by the addition of ice as a cooling container. In addition, the packaging serves as a speaker thanks to the by the integrated Bluetooth speaker, the box acting here as a resonance chamber. Thanks to the entire surface printability, this novel product for beverage packaging is a real eye-catcher for promotions.

Category sales packaging

- Labels, seals and other packaging aids

Hanger info label; August Faller KG
The "Hanger Info Label" is a new kind of label for transfusion, infusion and injection bottles. The innovative shape also allows a twisting of the suspension label. The jury was impressed with the prototype "Hanger Info Labels" by its ease of use in clinic operation.

- Cosmetics & hygiene sales packaging

SteeloCare; ThyssenKrupp Rasselstein
The tinplate aerosol can in mono look has been manufactured using a new processing method. The significant weight reduction as well as the absolute novelty of the base were good reasons for the jury to award this product.

4711 Artist Edition; Carl Edelmann GmbH
This collector's item refines not only the product, but also the brand itself. It fits perfectly with the brand positioning, provides sympathy and a perceived value, not only in the classical target group. This brand positioning especially, as well as the use of processing technologies have been awarded by the jury.

Intra Valve - a new valve system for aerosols; TUBEX GmbH
This novel system for valve aerosol cans simplifies the closing process without significantly affecting the functionality. The can may be filled as before and opens up new design approaches.

- Foodstuffs and pet food sales packaging

Tetrahedral rice bag; Black Automation GmbH
The brilliant simplicity of this new cooking bag contains various functions for simplified use. The additional function of the user-friendly handling has been elegantly achieved without use of additional material. The film consumption compared to flat bags has been reduced solely by its tetrahedral shape.

Cookies Bakery; Griesson - de Beukelaer GmbH & Co. KG
The circular wrapper of this single pack is a real eye catcher – a round packaging for a round product. The entire packaging concept of individual packaging, folding carton and the carton provides 100 % authentic pleasure with a New-York-City feeling.

THIMM xPOSe® | lift - jump
A folding base box with integrated goods-lifting element. The jury was particularly impressed with the significantly better product placement with only minor additional material cost. Very positive was also the one-level in closed state and the additional level on the shelf as well as the economy as the production hardly differs from existing processes.

Faltbesteck "Göffel"; Pöppelmann GmbH & Co. KG
The “Göffel” is safely and hygienically integrated into the cup lid. This eliminates the need for elaborate mounting and additional packaging of externally attached cutlery. Cover and cutlery are already pre-assembled so that the operating principle can be applied elsewhere with little effort.

- Pharmaceutical & medical sales packaging

Aspirin Next Generation; Berndt + Partner GmbH Creality / Bayer HealthCare
The new packaging concept for the next generation Aspirin consists of a newly designed folding box as well as a new tablet packaging for the pharmaceutical market, replacing the former blisters. The new packaging meets the consumer needs and is an eye-catcher at the chemist.

Product packaging "Sport Line" for Bauerfeind; Karl Knauer KG
Impressive combination of high-quality cold-foil stamping in gold and silver, the soft-touch finish for the soft feel and the UV spot coating for the positioning as a premium product. The innovative Euro hole suspension is produced from a blank and together with the shift function including locking and finger holes, enables simple, intuitive handling.

- Beverage sale packaging

Nature Multipack TM; NMP Systems GmbH / KHS group
Both the packaging system and printing method are unique on the beverage and packaging industry market. From conventional raw materials, a flexible adhesive was developed and using adhesive points can simply connect containers such as PET bottles or cans into a multi-pack. The beverage six-packs are free of outer packaging and label material.

true fruits juice; true fruits GmbH
The design emphasizes the purity of the products. The big lid is easy to open; and pouring the contents into a glass simple. The carafes are designed with a high quality ceramic print that allows a good view of the content. The overall concept was thus implemented very well according to the jury.

- Other sales packaging

corsage; rlc | packaging group
The packaging for premium products with its very refined punching, embossing and printing imparts a plastic and high-quality impression of a corsage. The realistic impression is complemented and reinforced by the virtually unlimited finishing options.

Case for Hole Saws Sets; Bosch Power Tools
The consistent implementation of this functional case for hole saw sets was impressive both in the technical details for the good securing of the products in the case as well as in the modular arrangement of fixation to the case base. The complete product visibility combined with a very attractive packaging design sets this apart.

The Paper Skin; Carl Edelmann GmbH
For the anniversary of Fedrigoni, a Leica camera was encased in carton at 215 g/m² and the familiar leather dispensed with. The result was an extraordinary experience concept in product removal and storage. Magnets and ribbons are helpful in the handling and support its usability as a storage case.

Category Young Talent

Sunshine; Lia Rebettge, Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin
The sunscreen packaging Sunshine shrinks when cream is removed. The jury felt the fresh and unconventional design of this everyday object with added usage benefits was award-worthy.

Capt'n Ahab Champagne; Moritz Brodmann, Stuttgart Media University
This sales package for a new champagne brand has been implemented excellently with great attention to detail. Particularly in the areas of innovation, design and promotion, the jury was completely thrilled.

Jonaloop; Jonas Dinkhoff, Münster University of Applied Sciences
Jonaloop is a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional plastic apple packaging. The live test using apples persuaded the jury that the use-value is very high. In addition, Jonaloop bridges the gap between product and brand. Sustainability, look and feel are additional features of this packaging solution.

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