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Designing and processing


Submitted by: BEMBEL-WITH-CARE GmbH & Co. KG

Cider in a can. Non-typical packaging for this category in young design.
Eye-catching fusion of tradition and innovation in material and design.

By using non-typical packaging for this category and young graphic design, the cider product is clearly rejuvenated and preserved from extinction. The fusion of tradition and innovation is clearly communicated using contrasts in the choice of materials and the design on the packaging. "Bembel with care" cider in a can as an alternative to beer or wine with the potential of becoming a cult drink.

Submitted by: BEMBEL-WITH-CARE GmbH & Co. KG
Designer: Benedikt Kuhn
Developer: Benedikt Kuhn
Manufacturer: Ball Europe



GV_26934_a_01.jpg5.1 M

Designing and processing