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Designing and processing

Christmas Bow Label Coca-Cola

Submitted by: Coca-Cola Europe + Constantia Labels GmbH
Christmas Bow Label Coca-Cola

Coke bottle with innovative wrapping label for special occasions.
Technically intelligent solution with seasonal value for high-speed lines.

From an original vital idea a commercial label solution was created where a loop forms a classic wrapping label: the Coke bottle with Christmas tree ornaments or Christmas gift ribbons. A technically intelligent solution that applies to high-speed lines, offering playful seasonal value to the consumer and the brand.

Submitted by: Coca-Cola Europe + Constantia Labels GmbH
Designer: Coca-Cola Europe + Constantia Labels GmbH
Developer: Gregory Bentley
Manufacturer: Constantia Labels GmbH + Eshuis BV
User: Coca-Cola Europe

GV_26445_a_01.jpg5.3 M

Designing and processing