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Economic efficiency

KUBI crate

Submitted by: DELBROUCK GmbH
KUBI crate

Space-saving drinks crate with innovative design for increased volume.
Up to 50% less space taken up during transport and storage of empty crates. For all commercially available types of bottles.

The simple and effective design of KUBI crates with their 400 x 300 mm module size means they can be nested into each other when empty, reducing the space needed for storage and transportation. It follows that when 60 instead of 40 empty crates can be stacked on a pallet, there is a significant improvement in space used while reducing floor space requirements in warehouses and trucks. Despite the change of construction, the KUBI crate can accommodate all standard types of bottles and also complies with stability standards.

Submitted by: DELBROUCK GmbH
Designer: DELBROUCK GmbH
Developer: DELBROUCK GmbH
Manufacturer: DELBROUCK GmbH
User: H. Leiter GmbH

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Economic efficiency