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New material

Algro Guard OHG / Leine Guard M

Submitted by: Sappi
Algro Guard OHG / Leine Guard M

Packaging paper with integrated functionality (barrier and sealing properties).
Without additional coatings or adhesives. Monolayer. Excellent print results. Special feel.

The chocolate packaging consists of paper with integrated barrier against oxygen, water, fat, aromas and mineral oils, as well as having heat sealing properties. There are no additional coatings or adhesives. The chocolate tablets are packaged using a conventional flow-pack machine. The tea bag packaging consist of uncoated paper with integrated oil barrier and heat-sealing properties. The packaging solution also offers excellent print results.

The jury praised the sustainable paper packaging which provides in-built barrier and heat-sealing properties, otherwise only achieved by multi-layer films. These solutions provide a special feel to the touch and excellent printability.

Submitted by: Sappi
Manufacturer: Sappi (paper)
User: Delafaille Chocolatier n.v. with its "Amusette" chocolate brand as well as mymuesli GmbH with its "Tree of Tea" tea brand
Designer: MM Graphia Innovaprint GmbH (Amusette printed packaging) and L.F.C. Nocke GmbH – Nocke Verpackung (Tree of Tea printed packaging)

NM_25417_01.jpg3.2 M

New material