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Machine engineering, technology, software

Turboclean Advanced E

Submitted by: Windmöller und Hölscher KG
Turboclean Advanced E

Highly efficient cleaning system for high-performance printing of packaging.
Shorter cleaning time. Improved cleaning efficiency. Colour change within 5 minutes. Energy savings of up to 80%. Improved processing capabilities. Reduced losses.

Printing flexibility plays an increasing role in high-performance packaging. It therefore makes sense to reduce cleaning time and to improve cleaning efficiency. This is possible with the featured system. Colour change within 5 min, increased energy efficiency and improved workability of printing inks used are enabled by:

  • Using ring piston pumps rather than conventional pneumatic ones
  • Minimising the volume intended for ink transfer and
  • improved design of the media feed.

The energy saving alone is up to 80%, minimising the loss of ink in colour changes.

Submitted by: Windmöller und Hölscher KG

VM_27834_01.jpg1.4 M

Machine engineering, technology, software