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Young talent (students, trainees, students)


Submitted by: Markus Adam, Julien Göthling

Canisters innovative in design with functional value-added design and good detailed solutions.
Holistic and well thought-out. Excellent use of space and stackability. Very good handling. Eye-catching.

The special and innovative design of the Sinus Canister ensure excellent use of space and stackability. In addition, the lid grip and the recess in the bottom of the tank enables user-friendly handling. Sinus also makes a good bottle on the retail shelf due to its unusual shape and provides enough room to accommodate product information and logos. The jury praised this holistically conceived and sophisticated solution.

Submitted by: Markus Adam, Julien Göthling
Developer: Julien Göthling
Educational institution: Beuth University of Applied Sciences, Berlin

groupperspektive__nders_01.jpg2.1 M

Young talent (students, trainees, students)