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Winners from 1963

Here you can see three of the winners from the first year.

Pfanni mashed potatoes

The jury's verdict: The airtight box for powdered mashed-potatoes is a vacuum pack with a water-tight, aroma and light-proof lining. It protects the highly sensitive product adequately. The labelling is consumer-friendly and the shelf life specification for the contents clear and well placed.

Manufacturer: Carl Schwendemann Munich
Submitter: Pfanni-Werk Otto Eckart KG,, Munich

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Livio cooking oil

The jury's verdict: A new feature to this cooking oil package is in particular the form of the tin can with a practical, user-friendly spout. The overall effect is sales-boosting and remarkable.

Submitter: Margarine Union AG, Hamburg
Designer: LINTAS GmbH, Hamburg
Manufacturer: Lubeca Werke, Lübeck

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Braun sixtant

The jury's verdict: This product features multi-purpose properties. The packaging for the electric razor is a display and sales pack, travel pouch and storage box in one. It conforms to the brand style, exudes a stylish atmosphere, corresponds to the mentality of the buyer and provides effective protection for this quality device.

Submitter: Braun AG, Frankfurt / Main
Manufacturer (Case): Heinrich Grunert, Offenbach Rumpenheim;
(cardboard box) Gevus-Kartonagen, Fulda

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